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Why is she so special to him

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

A little "she" entered his life just now

Just for a moment hustle came to an end and he made vow

The best smile he saw till date

Which he'll never gonna forget

All tiny fingers of her held his one

Just for a moment his heart beat wasn't less than shooting gun

The louder she cried

More and more he wanted to deny

It isn't a tear of pain on her eyes

The way she blinked

Made him think

Don't grow up "Beta"

And always be like this for your "Papa"

Exactly the same day it was

So was you and so was I

We never knew we're gonna

Make through high and low tides

Seeing you growing so fast

Always makes me to go in the past

Still the best smile

Which has to go miles

With me or without me

My daughter is the best gift I ever received

~His little "she"

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